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Nosara, November, 2018

Jeff Grosshandler

Co-owner & Director

Hotel Gilded Iguana




San José, December 5, 2016


Dear Susana:


“We are very thankful with your team, your cooperation and professionalism. The support you gave this year to our Hotel Iguana Verde, has being of great grow, helpful and we have learn a lot from you” .



Lic. Guadalupe Vargas
Hotel Iguana Verde





Mrs. Susana Guevara A.

I would personally and on behalf of our business group, like to thank you and your firm Consuhotel for your Consulting Services, Feasibility Study and Business Plan prepared for the project Hotel Hilton Garden Sabana, under my representation.

Your consultation and efforts were a fundamental contribution to our hotel project, as well as the timely satisfaction of the required deadlines.

Thank you for your involvement and professionalism.


León Bibas Merenfeld /Stanley Rattner

Desarrolladora Parque de la Sabana S.A.

Hotel Hilton Garden Sabana





November First 2011, San José

Susana's work during this time was crucial during our pre-inauguration phase, the launch and branding of the hotel.
Some of the more important duties under her responsibility were:

  Competitive market research to prepare tariff rates strategy.
  Annual business plan and marketing plan.
  Selection, contracting and training of sales executives.
  Implementation of sales and reservations department procedures and standards.
  Drafting of publicity material for the hotel.
  Creating the client portfolio strategy.
  Ongoing market monitoring.

During this year, Susana proved herself to be an executive with great strengths in the area of strategy and drafting action plans, both essential for the healthy development of a successful hotel. Her perseverance, dedication, self-discipline and attention to detail have enabled Susana Guevara to create the solid bases and strategies that helped the Holiday Inn San José-Escazú take off and position itself in a competitive and dynamic market, more important since this was a new opening. At all times she showed herself to be a loyal and dedicated professional.
Susana has decided to take on new challenges and I am confident
 that she will be successful with whatever she undertakes.

Should further references be required, I would be happy to oblige and please do not hesitate to contact me.


Oliver Schuschner, General Manager

Hotel Holiday Inn Escazu




I would like to recommend the services of Susana Guevara for representation and management in the Hospitality field. Susana provided my Hotel, The Beacon Escazu in  Costa Rica professional services from March to October 2009.


Her contribution on the opening marketing and operations were critical to our success. She organized the various departments and the management start up process for us.


She was willing to work irregular hours in order to accommodate the opening process. She demonstrated loyalty and integrity during this challenging period of operations.


Michel Palmer, CEO, K-Hotels




Susana Guevara managed the launch of my hotel Tryp Port Cambrils 4* in Tarragona, Spain.


Ms. Guevara’s duties during this period were varied  multi-disciplinary.  They included: being responsible for supervising the final completion of the hotel, its fittings and furnishings; recruiting, training and placing staff; the hotels’ inauguration; dealing with suppliers; establishing and updating management directives and the hotel’s internal policies (finance, quality control, publicity, food and beverages, human resources, reception, accommodation, environmental management); as well as negotiating with the property and the Sol Melia head office.


The hotel, which is open all year, caters to holiday and business guests and the organisation of events. Because of this, we believe it fundamental to have a strategic position in the market from the start. We regard Susana Guevara’s performance as excellent; she was successful in placing Hotel Tryp Port Cambrils in a very solid position with good future perspectives as have  been demonstrated over time.


My opinion of her results-driven approach has been more than satisfactory.


Joaquín Ricoma A

Owner Hotel Tryp Port Cambrils, Spain




I want to express my sincere appreciation for the services rendered by Susana Guevara as our lead "Back of the House" planner and principal hospitality consultant during our six-month design process for Amor Arenal a 5-star boutique hotel and wellness focused resort covering more than 8 hectares at the base of the Arenal Volcano.

I also want to offer my unconditional recommendation for the services provided by Susana and her Consuhotel staff during our ten-month due diligence process to build the business case for Hotel Amor Arenal.

Susana is a true Pentathlete. She is a strong multi-skilled leader that -first and foremost is a strategic and creative thinker.
Susana and her team at Consuhotel provided exceptional support throughout the planning process, gave sound timely advice, and validated critical planning assumptions.

Consuhotel's work during this time was crucial to our pre-design planning, architectural design, organizational planning, and branding of the hotel.

During the final three-month hotel construction plans phase our objective was to make every area of the hotel a truly functional place for guests and workforce alike. Susana and her staff provided a deep operational insight that was woven into every element of the hotel.

Finally, Consuhotel's delivery of a comprehensive hybrid market research-marketing-business operations study has truly set the stage for the development of a financially successful hotel

Should further references be required please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ricardo R. Riera
Director of Development
Solar Amor Inversiones S.A.




This letter is to recommend Susana Guevara and her company Consuhotel and to vouch for her personal and professional skills.

Susana and Consuhotel have been offering consultancy, management and marketing services to us at Hotel Casa Chameleon since 2009.


They have been our main link to national and foreign travel agencies such as OTAS (Online Travel Agencies). Together, we have seen significant growth in room occupation in our hotel.

They have also been instrumental in advising us on customer service, using tools such as “Mystery Guest”, and providing detailed reports with relevant suggestions.


They have helped us develop and distribute our marketing materials (brochures, publicity, reports, etc.), in a way that brought no unnecessary extra costs, and ensured that our information reaches our target public.


I fully recommend the Consuhotel team and I am sure that they will meet all your objectives and expectations.

I am more than happy to discuss any query or further information that might be needed.


Daniella Carazo Facio

Director, NP International

owners Hotel Casa Chameleon




Consuhotel gave new life to our marketing program; especially enhancing the participation with on line travel agents OTAS. We are more than two thirds thru this years high season and our occupancy has returned to levels not seen in five years. We  look forward to  continue experiencing success with Consuhotel as our marketing partners as we expand into new markets “


Joseph Mc Nichols


Hotel Makanda by The Sea




Consuhotel provide a variety of services for us, including recruiting our current manager who has being with us for six months now and who we are very pleased with. We were especially pleased with this as we were on a time constrain and Consuhotel provide us with multiple good candidates for the position.

We are very pleased with the professionalism and experience that Consuhotel brings to the table.

We would absolutely would use Consuhotel again for their recruitment services”


Antoine Tardiff


Oxygen Jungle Villas Boutique Resort




Those who hire Susana Guevara and Consuhotel services will have a great contribution in the development of the company


Arch. Eduardo Reifer Z.

Owner Rincón del Valle Hotel & Suites




May, 2015

Marketing for Hotel Sol Samara has been carried out by Consuhotel for about the past 3 years both in the OTAS online agencies segment, as well as offline agencies, incoming agencies, with very good results.
We wish to emphasize that Consuhotel is an agency that has demonstrated professionalism, service and solidarity throughout these years, attributes we value at Sol Samara.

That is why we recommend them


Eng. Larry Alvarado / President Hotel Sol Samara
Inversiones Italopopelina S.A.




I hereby wish to recommend the company Consuhotel, dedicated to management, consulting, training and recruitment of human resources for hotels and companies, given the positive experience we had when hiring their services.
During the recruitment process for the position of Commercial Director which we assigned to CONSUHOTEL, the professionalism in their service, from identifying needs, developing the profile and selection of candidates for the interviewing period, was clear and evident.
The negotiations ended successfully with the hiring of a professional who has demonstrated meeting the expectations raised, generating full satisfaction from us.

Juan Ignacio Gonzales Arias
General Manager





I write you to express our satisfaction for the consulting work you done for our 4 hotels chain to our client. The document is very professional and accurate.

The report , diagnostic of the operational and commercial areas of the hotels  has being useful, specially for the specific recommendations that we are implementing.  

Thank you fo your objectivity and recommendations



Roxana Chi Ayi Consultores S.A.




I want to take this opportunity to offer my highest recommendation for Susana Guevara. Susana performed the duties of hospitality consultant for the Beacon Escazu Boutique Hotel in San Jose, CR. During her tenure she provided excellent support for the hotel, generated ideas, provide training and sound advice.


Amongst her responsibilities were establishing business objectives and communicating them to the staff, training hotel executives, measuring financial results and providing advice on financial planning.


Susana has consistently demonstrated excellent leadership, effective communication skills, and a commitment to a high standard of guest services. I believe that Susana and her firma would be of tremendous  asset to any company and as such she earned my highest recommendation.


Elvis Taylor, Regional Manager

Beacon Hotel South Beach




I want to express our gratitude for the valuable services on the commercial, strategic  and training areas you provide to our Company.


Our sales on the target segment under you coordination has growth and the training services has help us in many way to raise and measure our service to a  level of Excellence. Thank you for the updated international standards you help us to implement.

Special thanks for you dedication and generosity.






Dear Susana:

I would like to take the opportunity with this letter to thank you for all you have done to market our hotel, as well as to recommend you and your company Consuhotel S.A. to other companies.

You and your company have provided us with market outsourcing services for over two years, and we are more than satisfied with the work you have done. During this period, our hotel sales, especially those linked to Internet, OTAS and social media segments have grown exponentially. Consuhotel is a true strategic ally that has worked ethically and with structured and effective proposals.

We hope to continue counting on your services for many more years.


Francisco Chamberlain Gallegos

General Manager

Hotel Arenal Lodge




I am glad to recommend Mrs. Susana Guevara and her firm Consuhotel services.


Mrs. Guevara provide services for my Company Intercasa Inc. S.A. during 2008


We appreciate your contributions in the relaunch, marketing and management process and for the integrity  and level of commitment during this work.


Ingrid Rudelman Wholstein


Intercasa Inc. S.A.




Our work team has received the Consuhotel Customer Service  “5 Star Service” training with good achievements for our employees and excellent results with our customers when implementing the techniques learned.

I recommend Consuhotel as trainer of this important Customer service tool.


Jonathan Villalobos Rodriguez

General Manager

Hotel Monterey del Mar




I recommend the services of Consuhotel; they are providing us advice in the areas of marketing, sales and quality.

Their contributions and innovation have been instrumental for our company; we hope to continue with their services in the future. I also wish to stand out their great sensitivity, honesty and responsibility which make this company worthy of being recommended. We obtained more than one 100% sales growth through our website.

Undoubtedly, any consultancy they provide will be an important value added for the company using the services of Consuhotel


Maria Batalla, Directora

Hotel Chalet Tirol




 “The company Consuhotel and Susana Guevara prepared a Marketing and Sales Study for our hotel project in the Central Pacific, which met all our expectations. They provided a thorough analysis, well justified goals, strategies and due plan of action that were helpful in decision-making for the marketing of our hotel. We thank the high level of professionalism and commitment of this company for which we recommend their services”.


Lonny Jimenez

Andrew Dalbo





I would like to thank the level of commitment and professionalism as well as the extraordinary results Consuhotel has provided my hotels Fleur de Lys and Fleur de Tortuguero which grew up to 20% per year and obtained top of satisfaction. I urge you to use the services of this consulting firm in all the excellent and varied services it provides”.


Daniel Cheziere

President Hotels Fleur de Lys

y Hotel Flor de Tortugero




 “This letter is to express you all our appreciation for your work and effort to prepare and submit the Feasibility Study of our project.

We thank you very much for your responsibility and formality in this study. Hereby, we take this opportunity to express our satisfaction for the work you and the company Consuhotel performed throughout this project”.


Franklin Giralt and Gabriela Loaiza, investors




I want to recommend Mrs. Susana Guevara and her company Consuhotel in the most comprehensive and broad manner, for any consultancy in which she decides to participate.

Susana Guevara serves as a professional consultant in the field of hospitality and tourism with vast experience acquired in the most important hotel chains worldwide.

Professionally, she has technical and administrative knowledge to carry out studies, analyses and conclusions needed to introduce any requested study more effectively.

I do not omit to express, along with the above, that Mrs. Susana has a great sense of responsibility and adherence to the highest moral principles.


Eric Chaves Zumbado, Room Division Manager, Hotel Aurola Holiday Inn




I want to recommend Mrs. Susana Guevara and Consuhotel, the company she represents, who provided professional services in the technical and financial feasibility study for a condo-hotel project, the adequacy of the accommodation offer based on five star hotel international standards, as well as the implementation of five star hotel international services and the Concierge Department at Cortijo Los Laureles in Escazu.


Arch. Bernal Montes de Oca V

Diursa Costa Rica

Technical Director

(Condominio Cortijo Los Laureles- EuroCenter)



San José, July, 2015.


I hereby wish to thank the services of the consultants from the firm Consuhotel and especially Mrs. Susana Guevara; who coordinated the process of bankable feasibility study and hotel design, among the main projects carried out for our group.


We are pleased with the level of commitment and service that was provided in the execution of all assigned projects, the information provided by the firm was crucial to making strategic decisions. Therefore, we recommend the services of the firm to any company in the hotel and tourist area.



Lic. Santiago Poletto
Advice Legal Studio
Centro Empresarial Via Lindora



September 2015


On behalf of Zurcher Arquitectos, we appreciate the input in architectural design provided by the company Consuhotel. We are very pleased with the ideas, functional feedback and personnel space management. We have considered each comment based on this company’s ample experience, in order to make every area of hotels a functional place for guests and workforce alike.


We have received design related contributions in areas such as laundry, maintenance, management, storage, reception, spa, restaurant and rooms, for which we are very grateful and moving towards a more complete design, with the vision of a hospitality consulting firm.




Hazel Chan

Zurcher Arquitectos