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“If your company is doing well, double your training budget; if your company is not doing well, quadruple it.”

Thomas J. Peters



Key Management Tools for Hotel Managers


Management tools for Marketing and Sales Managers


Integrated courses for:

  Hotel product sales people

  Housekeeper Manager

  Reception manager

  Reservations manager

  Concierge manager

  Laundry department manager



  Maintenance technicians

  Chambermaids / housekeepers

  Bellboys / porters


Preparation of Marketing Strategy and the Annual Marketing Plans


Preparation and Management of Annual Publicity Plan (Media Plan)


Maximizing online sales (Internet and OTA)
Talks on:

  The importance of segmentation

  Hotel key Financial Controls and Marketing Indicators

  Managing Complaints Professionally

  Up Selling in F & B

  Selling: much more than a profession


  Occupational safety

  Making the Emergency Plan for the Hotel

  "We all sell " and Sales Marathon

   "Who sells your hotel? Key factors to Successfully Sell your hotel"

  Internet: the new frontier in hotel marketing management

  Sales Closing Techniques

  Basic Elements to Achieve Visibility on the Internet
  Organizing hotel weddings

  All you need to know to Organizing Banquets and Social Events in hotels

  Food handling

  Basic Sales and Marketing Techniques Applied to the Tourism Industry I

Sales and Marketing Techniques applied to the Tourism Industry II

  For Supervisors: Efficient Supervision

  Wine knowledge & Wine Up Selling

  Basic English for Receptionists, Reservations, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage Divisions

  Integral Training in Auditing, Implementation and Control of Self-Managed HCCP systems (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, Hygiene and Food & Beverages)

  Integral Training in Auditing, Implementation and Control of Self-Managed Systems: bathing water (swimming pools and Jacuzzis), and potable water

  How to Sell the Spa Services

  Successful Management of the Hotel's Direct Costs: purchasing, storage, pricing, dishes food cost.

  Profitable price structuring on food and beverage menus

  Profitable management of kitchen costs

  Profitable management of bar costs

  Profitable management of laundry costs

  Financial Energy savings

  Investment analysis for managers

  The Hotel Manager's Agenda as a Key Management Tool